RM 629.00
  • Style Code: M2002RAM
  • Colourway: Brown/Grey/Blue

This exclusive model is based on the "M2002R," a reproduction of the USA model "MR2002" with modern design details, and is themed on the mystery of the desert, an "oasis" concept, which is expressed by atmos. By combining different materials, such as beige coloured suede, nubuck, and mesh in subtle tones, this pair expresses the shadows and unevenness of the desert. The symbolic N logo on the side is a bright blue colour that represents the concept of an oasis. This pair represents a journey around the world, following the M5740AT "Beachside" released in 2021. The M2002R design is utilized fully, and the unique atmos attention has been packed into this pair with the detail that puts a single landscape into the shoes.

Draw ended on 18/11/2022 @ 10:00am