RM 729.00
  • Style Code: M2002RAN
  • Colourway: Cybernetics Blue

New Balance and atmos come together again to bring the M2002RAN "Cybernetics Blue", inspired by the cybernetic world. The base model used is the M2002R, which is a reinterpretation of the MR2002 USA model with current specifications. atmos express the theme of the "Cybernetics World, and the future of the 2002R. Blue in the cyber world not only boasts excellent visibility, but it also interprets it as indispensable for expressing the possibilities for the future led by human technology and its worldview. The mesh and suede parts are made of different tones of Blue, while Grey, the signature colour of New Balance, is used as the base colour. Reflector parts unique to the 2002R, scattered throughout the shoe, add accents that further synergize with a different perspective. The 3D animation, which peeks into the world of the electric brain, is also a must-see finish.

*This pair contains pigskin materials.

Draw ended on 14/07/2023 @ 10:00am